Success Stories OLD

I have worked with 100s of clients since 2005 and I achieve a 98% success rate every time I work – meaning 98% of my clients change as a result of the work that I do. So the success stories I will share with you below – they are a small representation of what has actually been achieved but they give you an idea of what is possible.

NB – None of the names below are the actual names of my clients; however, the details surrounding their cases are the truth.

Story #1

I began working with Sara in 2007. She was a woman in her 40’s – very bright, very good at what she did and she was an awesome, amazing person to meet. I was completely impressed with her. But her life was a mess. She had come through a difficult divorce and was left struggling to make ends meet. She was alone in life – being the strong person for everyone else but having no one to lean on for herself. She had everything going for her, she was working so hard doing all the right things for her kids and herself but never seemed to be able to get ahead – to create the life she desired to live.

I did 3-4 day long CLM sessions with her to change her unconscious programming around self-esteem, self-worth and self-love as well as around who she was and her value to the world. Her reality started to shift – permanently. She met a man that she absolutely loved – and he loved her. They worked through the challenges of living apart but wanting a life together and eventually they came together as a family – it has been awesome ever since. And her life financially has turned itself around too so that she is able to enjoy life, take vacations, own a home and provide for her children without all the struggle that was there before.

Story #2

I worked with Henry – a 40 something man – who was addicted to marijuana, an alcoholic and in a semi-abusive marriage with a woman that was dealing with her own insecurities and demons. Together they struggled in huge ways – they didn’t know how to love themselves let alone other people. Their relationship had been created from neediness and insecurity and it was falling apart at the seams.

He did 4 CLM sessions with me to rebuild his inner security such that he was able to separate from this woman and end their marriage. During this time he did a Rehab program that helped him wean himself completely from the drugs and alcohol and when he came out he began to rebuild his life from the inside out – focusing on developing a relationship to himself rather than another person. And in this process he let go of the other addiction which was less obvious – his compulsion to work. He chose work/life balance instead – and has been able to steadily improve his overall health as a result.

He did 1 final session to wean himself from his final addiction – cigarettes. And then he went on to build a completely different life. He spent time being alone and becoming comfortable with that. He has since moved into the dating arena and begun exploring relationships but from a much different perspective – he is OK with himself. He doesn’t need another person, but he desires partnership. And from this place of clarity he won’t settle ever again – he will find the right connection or he will choose to stay alone.

It is this type of personal confidence, self-love and self-respect that comes from the work that I do. It allowed him to become this committed to himself and the life he desires to build. He is willing to wait for his dreams to come to life rather than settling for what he can get.

Story #3

This is the story of Pierre, a 40-something male with a health issue – cancer. Like me he knew there was an attitude at the base of his illness and rather than doing all of the standard medical interventions – surgery, radiation and chemo – he opted to alter his attitudes instead. So he came to see me for 2 day-long CLM sessions in 2010 and he never returned and yet he is healthy and happy today – the cancer is in remission. He talks openly of his illness knowing it is done!

Story #4

Marsha is a 35 year old woman who had a horrendous temper. Her 15-year old marriage was in a shambles as a result of the insecurities and fears that lay at the base of it. In 3-day-long CLM sessions her anger was completely toned down. She was in charge of her life from a calm place. She was able to deal with challenging situations with a maturity and poise that gave her so much more control in life because people and situations didn’t get to her the same way. During the space of 8 months she worked extensively with me as a Coach to develop the skills to communicate differently and to be able to navigate the arena of relationships in a much different way. And she left her marriage – she had married this man because she was scared; once she felt better about herself, she was able to see the truth about why she stayed in that relationship and she was able to move on. Today she is in a much different relationship with a man; they love and respect one another and they know how to work on the challenges that inevitably arise in any marriage.

Story #5

Cathy is a woman in her late 40’s that was fumbling around, career-wise; she was trying to figure out where she belonged and what she wanted to do with her life. At the base of her indecisiveness and lack of clarity lay a big bundle of personal insecurity and a sense of powerlessness that had left her treading water since she was in her early teens – always in the same place – never able to move forward. And yet it was crystal clear to me that she was a brilliant woman with an absolutely amazing creative mind who could have done many things had she applied herself – but something obviously held her back.

We did a 1-day CLM process and she started to move forward. Obstacles that had been in her life, simply melted away and her pathway forward became smooth sailing. She also re-connected to her passion which is writing and has started to move the project forward to write the novel that has been in the back of her mind for years. She is clearer about what she needs to do; she is prioritizing her life and making time for what is important. She is also way calmer – all the worries and fears are completely gone.

Story #6

Susan is a 24-year old girl who was living with her parents because she felt unsafe living alone. She was prone to anxiety and panic attacks and in the last 10 years, she experienced times in her life when she was severely suicidal. She couldn’t leave home and begin to live alone in fear that she would take her own life. So she came to me and in one session, all of it was gone. She is calmer, more peaceful within. The anxiety and panic that had been a daily occurrence in her life is no longer there. Further, she feels in charge of her life, not at the mercy of uncontrollable feelings. And she is busy finding an apt. so that she can finally get her own place!

Story #7

Carol is in her mid 40’s. She has done many day-long processes with me to rebuild a shattered emotional environment that was torn apart by her childhood where she was raised by insecure, immature and absent parents. She had NO inner stability, NO sense of herself, NO confidence and NO ability to function alone in the world. She was heavily dependent on men to stabilize her. The one thing she knew with every fiber of her being is that she could be a success. And she was to a certain degree but she had no ability to feel it or to really build on it. But it was this drive to be a success that brought her to me and kept her with me through this work.

So we worked together to build this inner security – it took time, energy and commitment. In the process of this work, she was finally able to outgrow her childhood and grow into the adult that she was. She was able to put away her heavy dependence on men in favor or a reliance on herself. She began to balance her work life with a personal life. And she took a healthy look at the business she was building and was able to begin building it from a new foundation – one that will allow her to expand it into the success it was always destined to be. In the process of that, she created a brand new opportunity for herself, work-wise, that opens all sorts of doors and possibilities and that has stabilized her financially in a way that she never was before.

She has also been able to completely calm down the voices within her destined to tear her to shreds every time she made a mistake or didn’t live up to some unrealistic expectation that she had. She is finally gaining control over her life and finding relationships to men that are far healthier than anything she has ever experienced before.

Story #8

I worked with Karen, a 35-year old girl who was completely lost in a land of insecurity to the point where she was chronically in a state of ongoing drama. But oh was she intelligent – did she have the potential to be so much more than what she had achieved to that point. To her credit, she was driven to find a solution – so she came to work with me. She had experienced an horrendous childhood – something you would hope no human would ever have to endure – neglect on a scale that is obscene and exposure to people and situations you wouldn’t want your worst enemy to experience. As a result she was tremendously insecure and mistrustful in relationships – she manipulated and used people. She was a victim to everyone and everything.

After 2 day-long CLM sessions, it was all different and the changes have kept right on happening so that today she is able to look upon those who are where she was and she can’t believe that she was once like them. In fact she was in shock when she re-read the session notes I sent to her after we worked together and realized how much change had indeed occurred. She didn’t even recognize the person she had been when she first came to me.

She hopes to learn to do what I have learned to do so that she can share it in the lives of people she meets who are like who she used to be. She now sees how simple it can be but how lost people often are and she wants to become a force for constructive change in the world …