Business Coaching

Our Coaching is different because our focus is different.

At Mindful change, we focus on the mind and how it affects whatever challenge or limitation you are experiencing. Imagine seeing your business or your workplace/group experience with the clarity of an X-Ray machine, easily spot the gears or mechanics that are “broken” and mend them…

Human BrainTHAT is exactly what we are able to do.

In our sessions, you will have a chance to explore what’s happening in your business, group, workplace, etc. We will help you examine your own mind for the beliefs, thoughts or mindsets that may be  creating the challenges you would like to overcome.

By becoming aware of themselves, leaders, business owners, professionals, etc. just like you have learned to gain control. This is key to moving beyond the struggles you are facing because gaining that control helps you to build confidence which promotes a healthier business or workplace.

Coaching can happen on its own or in conjunction with work to Change Limiting Mindsets which is geared to help people uncover and transform limiting patterns that may be affecting their business, group or workplace. Coaching can also happen as a follow-up to workshops.

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How Coaching Works:

Coaching sessions are 90 – 120-minutes in length:

  • An initial consultation designed to:
    • Uncover/clarify the future you desire to experience
    • Assess the problem or challenge you face in order to gain a better understanding of the mindset that needs to be shifted
  • From that assessment a game plan is established around how it is that you will move forward through:
    • More coaching one-on-one designed to teach you what you need to do differently and to give you the ways to put that into practice.
    • Doing a Changing Limiting Mindsets Session to change any limiting mindset that is holding you back or creating challenges for you.
    • Experiencing different workshops to build the skills and knowledge to be able to become the ‘future’ you desire to experience.