Mindset Assessment

When something’s wrong with your computer, you run diagnostics on it or else take it to a professional so they can troubleshoot what’s not working.

A Mindset Assessment is like that for when something is wrong in your life.

  • We have a 30-minute 1-on-1 call where I explore your world from the inside out
  • I help you see how your mind is supporting the life you desire \
  • We examine beliefs, mindsets, and emotional baggage that may be working against your dreams
  • You leave with tools, tips, and techniques that help you begin the process of change

Just click the following button, pay for the process (it’s only $97), and then schedule a time in my calendar.

Mindful Change Process

If you’ve worked through programs, books, DVDs, workshops, and counseling sessions but things still get in your way, a Mindful Change Process is for you.

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It works like this:

  • You have a particular issue you’d like to resolve
  • When I say resolve, I mean to heal, dissolve, and transform so that the problem no longer exists
  • You want permanent change in this area of your life
  • We work together for 4-7 hours in a single day
  • We tackle the single issue, block, limiting emotional pattern, or mindset you want gone from your life
  • We uncover the core cause of the issue
  • We find what I call the MIND of the issue—the thoughts, beliefs, and emotional material at the root
  • We “update” your programming
  • Your life changes

Why You Might Need a Mindful Change Process…

You use your thoughts, beliefs, and emotional reactions (MIND) to make decisions and take action.

The problem is that some of your MIND formed when you were quite young. In fact, the majority of it was in place before you were twelve, and some of it has been there since you were a toddler.

You created mental “rules” and accepted them as truths you used to guide your life even though you had a limited ability to understand life at that young age. Your “rules might even have been helpful back then.

But now they get in your way—similar to running an outdated program on your computer. At best it’s glitchy. At worst, it causes significant problems.

You can think of a Mindful Change Process as a sophisticated update for your MIND.

  • The moment the update happens, everything works better
  • Life becomes lighter and brighter
  • You gain a sense of happiness, peacefulness, calm, and confidence
  • You see and respond to things differently
  • Life changes because your MIND has changed
  • The changes are permanent

Although there’s a lot of science that goes into a Mindful Change Process, it doesn’t require any equipment beyond a phone or device that allows us to Skype.

You contact me for an appointment, fill out some paperwork and return it to me at least a week before your appointment, and then we connect via the phone or Skype and talk. Later, I’ll email you a review of our session.

Simple, right?

It’s simple and powerful.

A Mindful Change session is NOT a private motivational seminar. It’s not a handy list of to-do items, a PowerPoint presentation, or a bunch of audio/video sessions you’ll go home with and guiltily ignore.

Instead, it’s a process that results in real and lasting change. Click below to get yours.

Business Coaching

Ever wondered how two people can open similar businesses with drastically different results? Ever wished you were the more successful one?

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The more successful business probably doesn’t have better processes, networking, advertising, or social media campaigns.

If your business isn’t going where you want it to go, and it’s not doing what you want it to do, then there is something within your mind that is affecting your success.

Things like:

  • Limiting beliefs
  • Mental blocks
  • Emotional baggage

It’s human nature to think that you aren’t where you want to be because of what you’re doing. But when you’re confident, strong, and self-assured on the inside, success will come….

If you have a business issue:

  • Limited profits
  • Slow or no growth
  • Personal issues
  • Client struggles
  • Self-doubt, anxiety, or paralyzing stress

It’s time for a diagnostic to see what’s causing the problem.

Once we know what’s going on, I’ll recommend an intervention to correct the issue. You might need 1-on-1 coaching, a course, a Mindful Change process, or even some reading.

When you’re ready for an answer about why your business isn’t having the level of success you want and you want a solution that leads to greater success, please contact Heather.

Relationship Coaching

Relationships filled with love, support, and plans for the future are wonderful. However, not every relationship is like that.

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  • The sizzle is gone
  • The fighting matches are frequent and never lead to a resolution
  • You feel like so much is wrong that you don’t know where to start
  • The relationship you’re worried about is with your kids, a parent, or your friend

Regardless of the relationship, if you are committed to solving the problems, we can work together.

It doesn’t matter where the blame lies or the extent of the drama.

  • We’ll do a diagnostic and look at the issues from the inside out. We’ll find the mindset or emotional pattern, belief system, or perception that’s causing the challenge.
  • Next, I’ll help you become aware of it.
  • And then I’ll suggest things that will help you.

The keys to relationship work are:

The keys to relationship work are:

  1. Being committed to change because the relationship is important enough for you to allow things to work
  2. Respect for everyone involved

Along the way, you’ll learn:

  • How you perceive certain situations
  • To understand your personality and its needs
  • If there’s insecurity in one or both of you that is fussing with your ability to get along
  • That even in single-language homes, there are different ways of expressing and different meanings to words and actions from person to person
  • How to bring respect and support back into your relationship

For relationship coaching, please contact Heather.

Mediation Services

Communication is challenging. Words and actions don’t mean the same thing to someone else as they do to you – even when you speak the same language.

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I work with couples, co-workers, business partners, and anyone with relationship issues who are committed to finding a solution and have a willingness to respect all needs, perspectives, and voices at the table.

If you have a desire to maintain a relationship or create an even stronger one, mediation can help resolve your challenges.

And even if you’re part of a couple that is separating, mediation can work to help create an agreement that helps the kids feel at peace and know they are safe and loved.

My focus involves keeping people in a heart-centered place that results in the highest and wisest outcomes.

For mediation services, please contact Heather.