What is a Mindful Change Process? Will there be electrodes, a funny hat, and ink blot tests involved?

Although there’s a lot of science that goes into a Mindful Change Process, it doesn’t require any equipment beyond a phone or device that allows us to Skype.

You contact me for an appointment, fill out some paperwork and return it to me at least a week before your appointment, and then we connect via the phone or Skype and talk. Later, I’ll email you a review of our session.

Simple, right?

It is simple, but it’s also powerful.

You see, the talking we do isn’t idle chit-chat.

We’ll explore your beliefs about who you are, how much money you should have and what you do with it, your role in life, your value in the world, and the level of success you’re comfortable with.

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You’ll learn why you formed those beliefs and what to do about it if they don’t serve you in reaching your goals.

11016317_m-leap (1)You can transform your limiting beliefs, cast them aside, and be truly free to build and live the life you want.

Your business can know the joy of abundant income and growth.

You can talk with staff, clients, and business partners and work together to make dreams come true.

You can learn the skills needed to leave behind or resolve challenging business relationships and situations.

It’s a cliché, but life truly is short. Why live it at a level that’s less than your best when there’s a way to get rid of the limiting beliefs holding you back?

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