Live A Life That Makes You Happy!


Hi, I’m Heather Elliott. How can I help you?

Mindful Change is about melting away the invisible barriers that keep you stuck…

  • Just out of reach of the kind of happy you long for
  • In relationships that aren’t loving and supportive
  • At an income bracket below what you want
  • In a job you don’t like, or maybe even hate
  • Wondering if there’s more to life
  • Uncertain of your purpose
  • Overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, or depressed

If you experience any of the above, there is a solution.

What Creates the Limits?

We all have limiting beliefs.

The beliefs you use to make the majority of decisions in your life formed before you were ten – and many of them had solidified before you were five!

  • How many logical three-year-olds do you know who have a vast array of worldly experience to draw on?
  • Have you ever questioned the beliefs you use to make decisions?
  • What happens if you hold the belief that people with lots of money are corrupt at the same time that you believe that having more money would make your life easier?
  • Are there beliefs you accepted, such as someone saying that you’re not good at something, that aren’t true? Maybe you simply needed time to develop physically, or you could have learned the skill through a different style of teaching, but you didn’t know that back then?

While Mindful Change helps with many problems, you don’t have to be struggling to benefit. Sometimes limiting beliefs keep things at “okay” instead of letting you move into “wonderful!”

Getting Unstuck

If you’re ready to embody success, live with purpose, feel fulfilled, face problems without wavering, understand yourself and others, and enjoy the rewards of your lifestyle, I can help.

Through Mindful Change, I help people bring to life what they admire, aspire to, and hold dear while helping them walk through fear and limitation with strength, knowledge, and grace.

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Gorilla Glue Your Good Habits

Ever notice that parts of your life feel Gorilla-glued in place, but when it comes to some of the changes you want, it seems like they’re held in place by baby oil? When Something’s Gotta Give At either end and in between “Is this all that life holds for me?” and “Get...
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Why You Can’t

You clean your home, get haircuts, buy new clothes when the ones you’ve been wearing wear out, change the oil in your vehicle or renew your public transit pass, and go to meetings and seminars aimed at more efficient performance. But, how often do you do maintenance...
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Put Out the Blame Flame

Blame is something that starts very early in life. We quickly learn that taking credit for things that result in reward feels good while being blamed results in punishment and feels bad. The problem is that blame doesn’t fix anything. It may temporarily and in a...
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How To Change Other People’s Behaviour

If you’ve read many of my blogs or emails, I’m sure you’ve noticed that they primarily talk about personal work and how that resolves conflicts in relationships. If you’re like most people, at some point you’ve wondered why I don’t talk about what to do if your boss...
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Why Is Change Taking So Long?

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” -Babe Ruth I frequently talk about how fast change happens for clients when they get rid of a limiting belief. However, there are times when the change is slower. While it’s true that most of my...
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Dancing In The Rain

It’s raining as I write this, and the soft pitter-patter drummed up the following Vivian Greene quote: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Despite the popularity of the quote, how many people do you know who...
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What’s Your Story?

Without realizing it, our connections to people often come through participation in each other’s stories or scripts. If you have a fix-it personality, you tend to connect with individuals who create drama or take part in a victim approach to life – and vice versa. If...
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How to Deepen Your Connections

“Wanna connect?” It’s a phrase that brings to mind Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and numerous other social apps. But how much do people truly connect anymore? I don’t mean via a like or share, but through understanding, compassion, and genuine openheartedness. Many of...
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Can Mindfulness Get Rid of Pain?

If you’re like 8 out of 10 Americans, you’ll deal with lower back pain one or more times in your life. It’s a common problem that can be disabling and finding relief through a treatment that works is often challenging. What’s It Feel Like? I’ve been fortunate to avoid...
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Does Happiness Start at The Bottom of the Ocean?

Have you heard about the titanium-encased hydrophone scientists placed on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench? The trench marks the deepest part of the ocean, approximately 11,000 metres below sea level. Scientists are aware that manmade sounds have been...
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The Itty Bitty Shitty Committee

Do you ever get frustrated that you’re the one cleaning the house? When you do something nice for yourself, do you simultaneously beat yourself up for taking the time instead of working on a task for someone else? When you and your significant other disagree about...
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Better Than Meditation

Mindfulness isn’t just about meditating and quieting your internal chatter. There’s definitely a lot of value in meditation; I have heard clients say that it has changed their life. But what happens when you leave your quiet place and go back into the chaos of life?...
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Flipping Failure

Earlier this year I went on a 7-day cruise. As you can imagine, I was looking forward to some sun, fun, and adventure. Who doesn’t love being in a tropical paradise? So, when I woke up the day of the trip and didn’t feel good, I hoped it would pass quickly. It didn’t....
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What It Takes to Be Unique and Successful

From dating to business, popular advice tells you that in order to be successful, you have to become someone who isn’t just another person in the crowd. “Become something.” That’s the message society tells you. But it’s wrong. You don’t have to become something...
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If There Were No Obstacles

Let’s play a game, okay? I’ll ask questions and you give answers. It can be the first thing that pops into your head or you can take time to think about it. If you could be anyone, who would you be? That’s a fun question, and it’s always interesting to hear the...
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Is Your Life Like the New Star Wars Movie?

The new Star Wars movie is a huge hit, but my husband and I noticed something while watching it. (Spoiler alert!) The new movie has a different cast of characters, but it’s really the same as the first movie released 40 years ago. There is a Luke Skywalker character,...
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My Solution For Hard-to-Quantify Goals

Have you ever wanted to change something about yourself but struggled because you weren’t sure how to get started or mark your progress? I certainly have! Around the New Year, I decided that I want to be a more loving person. As a species, I feel like it’s one of the...
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Escape The Challenges of Change

Wouldn’t it be great if change was easier? Instead of facing roadblocks and challenges when you want to improve your life, wouldn’t it be nice if you could make a plan and then stick with it? If it were that easy, New Year’s resolutions would be a piece of cake. But...
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Creating 2016 – Unfolding Your Transformed Scrooge

Sitting here at my desk, my computer at the ready, I reflect on the Christmas season that has just passed. I think about the times spent with my daughter and the nights we spent snugged up on the couch with my feline grandson, Ethan, sprawled on her chest while we...
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Workplace Woes

I have a client you might relate to. When I met Sam, she was constantly at odds with her boss and the people she worked with because nothing was ever “right” and no one seemed to be working with her. As a result, she wasn’t very happy or hopeful about her position...
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