“I’m committed to making a profound
difference in the lives of others by sharing
my gifts with the world in a really big way”

“You’re really good at what you do, yet you’re looking
for ways to be even faster at getting GREAT results”


Who You Are

You currently work in a field helping others. You may be a teacher, a counselor, a psychologist, a therapist, a social worker, a Life Coach, a personal success consultant or you may recognize yourself as a healer.

You feel limited with the techniques and methods you use because there are obvious gaps where they don’t work.


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You’re always on the lookout for better strategies, and you’ve concluded there has to be more! It can be faster. It can be more permanent. Results can be more consistent.

You understand the mind to be at the center of health and well-being as well as at the core of helping others to realize their potential and create the life of their dreams.

You’re searching for a system, a way to truly help others that expands on this idea. You’re a go-getter, willing to overcome the challenges and changes required to embrace new techniques. You’re confident – willing to take risks, make mistakes and learn from them as well as try new things to discover what’s possible.

You’re always on the edge of what’s possible ….


What Your Issues Tend to Be

You’ve found great tools, tips and techniques for helping people produce great results in a lot of your clients. But there are some for whom they don’t work, or work only somewhat. It’s confusing and sometimes frustrating.

Why doesn’t everyone get great results?

You’ve read and studied many different perspectives and realize the mixed results may be more a factor of your client’s mind, rather than anything they’re doing.

You’ve realized that their mindset, their belief system, or their emotional baggage that they still carry that interferes with their ability to succeed.

You may even have tried some of these techniques but with inconsistent results, so you continue to search for a better system.

You like growing and learning, so the adventure of tackling something new is as compelling as the results and you’re eager to test-drive a better system.


What You Need Most Right Now

iStock_000003786358XSmallYou want your results with clients to improve dramatically.

You want to serve them in much greater ways.

Further, you want these results to be permanent in ways you could only have dreamed of before.

And you want to open the door to a different understanding of health and well being that gives you insight into your clients on a much, much deeper level.

You need to examine old assumptions of what creates true health and well-being and build a new paradigm of how to work with your clients.

You need re-evaluate yourself and how you function in the world to upgrade and up-level your own mind so that you can become a truly GREAT healer.

Why Choose Mindful Change Certification? By learning mindful change, you will:

  • Learn the tools, techniques and understanding to be able to transform client issues from the inside out.
  • Significantly increase your success rate with clients. Mindful Change processes have a success rate as high as 98%.
  • Understand the world from the inside out. Become a powerful broker of knowledge, awareness and personal power when you are able to teach others about themselves.
  • Connect with your spiritual base and ground it into your life by understanding the Science of spirit – Quantum Physics. Make it real by ‘seeing’ with your own eyes what we think and how that affects the quantum field and your experience of reality.
  • Transform your own limitations; become a far more unlimited being with a far more unlimited potential.
  • Learn a deeply spiritual methodology that allows you and your clients to deepen their connection to spirit and their power as creators in their lives.
  • Have access to an active, ongoing support system for students and graduates.
  • Be able to choose from a broad range of programs including Coach Training, Corporate Leadership and Educational Leadership.