When your computer is not working correctly, you run diagnostics on it or else take it to a professional so they can troubleshoot the problem.

A Mindset Assessment is similar. If you feel like something in your life or business is not working as well as it might or there are problems or issues that limit you, we can assess what’s happening in your mind that may be contributing to what is occurring.


  • We have a 30-minute 1-on-1 call where I explore your world from the inside out
  • I help you see how your mind is supporting the life you desire
  • We examine beliefs, mindsets, and emotional baggage that may be working against your dreams
  • You leave with tools, tips, and techniques that help you begin the process of change
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People who sign up for my Mindset Assessment usually have some things in common. For example:

  • You know something is holding you back – you still carry beliefs, limiting mindsets and emotional baggage that’s getting in the way of the business success and life success that you desire to experience.lotus
  • Despite the tools, tips and techniques gained from your personal journey – the books you’ve read, the workshops you’ve attended, the DVDs you’ve watched, the different programs you’ve tried, or the inner child work you’ve done – stuff still gets in the way. And you want a solution!
  • You want to make a difference in the world in ways truly meaningful to you, so you feel filled up from the inside.
  • You’re awakening to the concept that you’re a powerful being who creates their life but at the same time you still feel held back, because you don’t yet know what that really means.


Your life is like a bonsai tree and you’re the gardener.

How it looks is a factor of what you pay attention to and what you empower through your thoughts, words and deeds as well as what you believe and expect.