Same Shit Different Day

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Your MIND is the new frontier…

Is YOURS creating the life
you desire to live?

No one wants to embrace the fact that they have the key to what’s holding them back. In the pioneering work of Heather Elliott, she shows you how to rewire your brain to fully transform old limited thinking or emotional patterns that hold you back from living the life you desire. If you are feeling stuck, and want to get unstuck, answer these two questions:

Are you ready to do the work that will deliver a new you?
To become someone who succeeds, others want to work
with and for, is more productive, and less stressed?

Are you ready to delete behaviors and
embedded attitudes that are holding you
back to transform your future?

Within Same Shit, Different Day, you will get the how-to solutions. Patterns that have been embedded for years can be eliminated; unconscious behaviors that hold you back will be outed; and a new reality that you create that supports your aspirations
and goals can be achieved.

Get ready to experience “Ahas” … “OMG, that sounds like me” to “Finally, I can let go and become who I want to be.” Transformation happens. A different day has begun.

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“Just finished SSDD and loved it. I’ve been studying New Thought since the 80’s and have read thousands of books on the subject. SSDD…first of all love the title. Like the directness of the tone. And it incorporates lots of new research and leaves the old cliche’d ’empowerment’ talk in the dust. I got a couple of really good insights about my stuckness which has been a challenge lately. One of my ‘aha’s was this: I can design my own life.’ I’ve been a jewelry designer for 15 years – some good years, some not so good. In one of last chapters a light went off. Design your own life. You’re good at it. Thank you for writing such a direct and inspiring book.” -Elaine

“Heather has a clear way of communicating that cuts through all of my mental clutter. She gets to the point. She offers solutions that work and has a really unique method of therapy that works better than anything I’ve experienced. In one day she can help you move forward and function at a higher level. Why wait for years. Start with the book, then call Heather Elliott. Highly recommended.” – Amazon review by pooleside

“SSDD offers a perspective shift along with practical suggestions for implementing change. It’s the kind of book you can read repeatedly and get a little something different out of it each time. Worth the read.” – Amazon review by Kathryn

“As a regular reader of self-help and personal growth books I’ve been exposed to a lot of content in this area. As such, I essentially have established standards for what I consider to be quality work in this category. I must say that after reading this book I was very impressed with both the content and the quality of the writing. It’s a solid work that would be of particular value to people who are relatively new to reading this type of book. I really liked the author’s authenticity, and it’s obvious from the text that she doesn’t put herself on some platform of superiority. She comes across as very real and down to earth, and it’s obvious she really wants to assist people in improving their lives. I liked this book a lot, and therefore definitely recommend it.” – Amazon review by Jeff

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