• Your business won’t grow
  • Financial abundance is elusive or temporary
  • Staff problems plague your business
  • Clients are headaches
  • Your confidence isn’t where you want it
  • You doubt your ability to succeed and wonder if you’re worth it
  • You wonder why you aren’t successful
  • You’re tired of spending money on hyped-up motivational seminars that leave you with no real change

.…then Mindful Change Business Coaching is for you.

A Mindful Change session is NOT a private motivational seminar. It’s not a handy list of to-do items, a Powerpoint presentation, or a bunch of audio/video sessions you’ll go home with and guiltily ignore.

Instead, Mindful Change coaching:

  • Finds YOUR limiting beliefs and rewrites or gets rid of them
  • Answers WHY your business, financial, and work relationships aren’t working for you
  • Helps you BREAK THROUGH the invisible caps on your financial and business growth
  • Results in LASTING change
  • Has the added bonus of cleaning up issues in your personal life at the same time
  • Is specific to you, your business, and your life


“A single session with Heather transformed my attitude towards work and helped me take my company from near-death to our best year yet in terms of sales and profits. AND she made “work” fun again.”
~Ryan Murdock, online business owner and travel writer, www.ryanmurdock.com


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“After Our First Process, My Income Sky-Rocketed.

Not only had my income changed, several limiting thought patterns and personal life issues faded — things such as struggles with certain clients and food addictions.

Because of my results, I started referring my friends and clients to Mindful Change. And their lives started shifting, too…”
~Ashley Ryan, Owner of www.hersmartmarketing.com

“What I like most about heather’s approach is that she moves beyond superficial theory and brings science into her work. In a very short time with Heather I could tell that she’s not your average coach; she has mastered her craft and has the science to back it up. In a world where everyone is a “law of attraction expert”, Heather stands out as being one who actually has the chops.”
~Steve Lowell, International Speaker and Professional Speaking Mentor, http://www.stevelowell.com


Heather talks all things mindset with Ashley Ryan of Her Smart Marketing, a marketing agency that has seen results for their clients after team coaching with Heather. She shares with entrepreneurs how to stay out of crazy fear, panics, procrastination and freezing when up-leveling, scaling, or doing anything BIG.